Our Projects


Secondment Support – A client required ongoing support to assist with environmental approvals and compliance as they moved towards commencement of mining operations. Prior to mining the operation did not demand a full time environmental professional so in the interim Astill Consultants were able to provide flexible support on an as needed basis. 

Mentoring and Coaching – Due to turnover a client had recently employed two (graduate) environmental advisors and didn’t have a senior advisor employed with a number of important compliance activities due. Astill Consultants assisted in mentoring and coaching the team through the practical elements of compliance reporting; and continues to support them as they develop their skills in an operational mining situation.  


Stakeholder Engagement – Astill Consultants were asked by a client to develop a Community Management Plan for a new mining operation with complex community interests.  This plan identified community concerns, potential impacts and risks, and helped the client systematically consider potential controls to manage these risks.  The plan is subsequently being put into action to engage with stakeholders to achieve balanced outcomes. 

HSEC Document Suite – A client required sophisticated health, safety, environment and community (HSEC) documents prepared to manage their business risks and present these in a way that satisfied their customer needs.  Astill Consultants undertook an organisational HSEC risk assessment to identify key business risks, and then worked with the client to document their existing and further needed controls in professional management plans. 

Health and Safety Management System Facilitation – Our client was a small business with less than 10 employees and required assistance to develop a health and safety management system that they could continue to update as their business grew. Astill Consultants took the client through several workshops to develop their skills and understanding of the Work Health and Safety Act 2020, and after this the client was able to take ownership of their health and safety systems. 


ESG Reporting – Two mining services clients needed to prepare ESG reports for their mining customers.  Astill Consultants helped these clients understand how to best communicate their ESG credentials in a way appropriate for their operations.  Both clients received favourable scores from their customer assessments.

Compliance Audit – Astill Consultants were engaged by a government client to undertake an audit against internal standards, as well as applicable environmental and safety legislation and regulations to their operations. The audit included a site visit, meetings with key stakeholders, and an assessment of relevant documentation. The client was delivered an audit report that provided an independent assessment of compliance and recommendations for improvements. 

Hydrocarbon Management Review – Astill Consultants undertook an audit of site hydrocarbon management practices against Australian Standards, regulatory guidelines and industry codes of practice. A report was delivered that provided an action plan to be implemented with priorities for most cost-effective improvements. 


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